Your pet in your wedding? Doggone right!

You have invited Great Uncle Harry who you haven't seen since the family reunion fifteen years ago. And, of course, Aunt Esther has to be included, even though the only contact with her has been the annual Christmas Letter where she drones on about Uncle Peter's big Christmas bonus, her exceptional leadership in PTA, little seven year old Tommy's nail biting championship soccer game, and how viola playing Karen is the envy of all of the 7th graders in the orchestra.  So why wouldn't you want a member of the family that you see every day? 

Whether you have dog, cat, cobra or horse, here are some great ways to include your fur baby in your wedding, because, after all,  they are family. 

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Four Ways to Include Your Fur Baby In Your Wedding

1. Include Fido in your Save the Date cards.

Save the Date cards can be so fun to send and fun to get. It is great to give several months notice to everyone on your invite list plus it is a great way to announce your engagement. When you are having your engagement pictures taken, bring along your furry friend. A picture of the three of you is sure to be a hit.

2. Let Daisy be your Flower Girl or Max be your Ring Bearer.

This may take a little rehearsal but the big awwww that any other flower girl would get will be magnified when enters the aisle. Some pets can be a little people shy and not so excited about walking down to the altar and need a decorated wagon for transportation. Others may need a leash and walking partner. Some may just love the attention and stroll proudly, head held high, with no assistance at all. You know your pet better than anyone and know what to do to help your cutie fulfill his or her duties. 

3. Put Lucy on the Cake

Who says that the top of the cake can only hold statues of two people? Getting a miniature porcelain dog that looks just like your bundle of fur is pretty easy to find, usually. The Dog Lovers Store has scads of them.  Click here for this cute custom silhouette that is available on Etsy, great price too!

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4. Have a Picture Perfect Day.

O.K., so the place that you are getting married won't let in any four legged animals, that doesn't mean that you can't have someone bring your bestie out for some family photos. You know that person who is always saying "let me know if there is anything  that I can do to help." That's your pal, take them up on the offer. And if you don't have a friend that is serious when they make the offer, click to contact Andi at Fuzz Buckets. She will make sure that your pet arrives safely, happy and on time, and gets home again! Pictures and memories last a lifetime. You will be happy that you made the effort to make it happen.