To Theme or Not to Theme

That is the question!

So many choices! Planning can be overwhelming. Google invitations, venues, catering, entertainment, colors, flowers, decor, clothes, cakes, or favors and get hundreds of thousands of websites. Yikes! Where do you begin?!

A theme might be just what you need.

A theme narrows your choices from thousands to a much more manageable number. A theme can be anything from The Great Gatsby to summer flowers, Pretty in Pink to Holiday Magic, extravagant or understated.

With an Old Hollywood Movie theme black, white, gold, silver, rose gold, and ivory are perfect color choices. Invitations can be designed to look like a movie ticket like this one available on Etsy. Old film canisters propping up a picture from your favorite movies with some film reel and a candelabra or an Effiel Tower vase with white ostrich feathers make great centerpieces.

A program resembling a playbill, long satin dresses, black tuxedos with white shirts and black bow ties, a glass of champagne greeting each guest at the door, all bring the theme together.

You can even go a step further and ask your guests to dress for the theme. Women wearing fasinators, men in black suits, nice pictures!

Even choosing a less specific theme like romantic, whimsical, vintage, or modern sets a tone and narrows the choices saving you hundreds of hours of wading through thousands of options. Whew!

We love a themed wedding! We have seen some great ones over the years. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Beauty and the Beast, Great Gasby, Mardi Gras, Tropical Island, Disney, Rock and Roll, 50’s Diner, and more have all come to life at our place. We might hold the world record for the most pirates in one location at one time!

Whether you decide on a theme or just pick out all of your favorite things, which is kind of a theme itself, we know your day will be absolutely wonderful because you get to marry the person of your dreams.

Here are some ideas for you:


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